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The Ultimate 

Drinking Game!

The Game

Battle shots the drinking game is based on the board game that many of us played as kids, Battleships except that there’s a penalty for your ship being hit and eventually sunk: you guessed it, Shots!

This game can be used by young people by substituting the shots with sweets or soft drinks.


Our game consists of a wooden fold out gaming table with grids for placing you battleships and marking you hits/misses.the fold out table sits on an existing table so it is easy to erect and store. There are six battleships (3 per player) with facilities for 16 shots.


Players sit opposite to each other, and setup the Battleshots board on a 6x6 grid, with two 3-shot glass length ships, and a single two 2-shot glass length ship. The centre upright board allows you to mark your shots while preventing your opponent from seeing the placement of your ships. To get started just fill up the shot glasses with some liquor ( in the case of young people use sweets or coke) and flip a coin to see who goes first.


The rules of the Battleshots drinking game is similar to that of Battleships. For those not familiar with the rules, a turn consists of guessing the coordinates of your opponents ships, one coordinate at a time, using the 6x6 Grid as your guide. The vertical coordinates are labeled A through F, and the horizontal coordinates are labeled 1 through6 , so to call a top left corner of the board you would say” A. 1”, if you opponent has a ship there, he would respond “hit”. You now know where a piece of his ship was, without knowing if it is a 2 or 3-length ship, so you continue to guess around the area until your opponent responds “sunk”, notifying you that you called the entire ships position out.

Ships cannot be positioned diagonally, and for each hit, a person has to drink whatever is in the shot glass( liquor or beer, depending on how hard you go). Also, be sure to to keep track of your calls using the marker pen.

As always, please remember to drink responsibly while enjoying this alcohol drinking game.

This Battleshot game is a must for bars and clubs, bringing in revenue for the bar as well as entertaining bar visitors and regulars alike. In a pub we carried out our trial. The bar took over £400 in Four hours. 

For more details and purchase prices, please contact our sales team at On The Ball.


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